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Our mission

To seek the best value for our clients.

To provide great return for our shareholders.

To promote friendly competition in our industry.

To encourage innovation within the company.

To help growth for our employees

To sustain the wellbeing of our community and people



Our Principles 


Build trustworthy relationship with our customers through high quality products that create value to our customers.

Share growth with our customers, employees, shareholders and communities


Protect the environment though efficient use of resources, replacement of green energy and minimization of emissions.


Ensure safety through every process of the production.

Train all employees to work safely, protecting themselves and others from injuries.

Recognize and communicate the safety risks in every process and seek for continuous improvement with the goal of zero injury.


Improve the well-being of everyone in our communities

Respecting our competitors and conduct business fairly and ethically.

Comply with laws and regulations and follow a rigorous Code of Conduct

Support communities through charitable giving and community involvement