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  • 2012年12月31日
    On February 21, the "661" building in Chuzhou re-mobilization~~~ and ~~~the commendation of the General Assembly, in the city tax 50 # 4 ranked 10 to 50 sales revenue by the municipal government in recognition of Chuzhou. February 25, Jingda "brand industrial formaldehyde, Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality~~~ and ~~~Technical Supervision, Anhui Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee identified as" Anhui Famous Brand ". March 8, the company was Chuzhou City Federation of Trade Unions in recognition for School of Chuzhou female workers, contention ratio, the highest, "the activities of state-of-the-art collective. March 22, Municipal Committee, acting mayor Zhang Xiangan line to research. March 29, the company Chuzhou Municipal People's Government in recognition of the "advanced units of the invention patent. April 30, Wang Spring comrades by the Anhui Provincial People's Government, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions named Anhui Province "model workers". June 10, three raised one of the investment project --- an annual output of 5,000 tons of AK sugar project officially put into operation. October 8, the company was awarded the Office of Human Resources~~~ and ~~~Social Security of Anhui Province, the glorious title of "Labor~~~ and ~~~Social Security of Anhui Province demonstration unit. November 16, sponsored by the company at the National Security Administration Shenhua Cup "national regulations of dangerous chemical safety knowledge contest, won the Award winning unit.
  • 2011年12月31日
    On March 22, an annual output of 150,000 tons of "dual-pressure nitric acid plant is put into operation. March 24, the annual output of 30,000 tons of "one-step" melamine plant put into operation. July 7, small board in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-shares listed on the stock code: 002597, starting 21.5 yuan / share, issue 3350 shares. August 25, Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Han Xiancong to research. September 6, hosted by China Food Additives and Ingredients Association sweeteners professional committees and functional sugar ingredients Professional Committee, 2011 Industry Annual Conference held in Chuzhou. October 13, the company was granted to the Ninth People's Government of Anhui Province Anhui Province civilized unit "glorious title. November 22, the company is the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association awarded the honorable title of "Eleventh Five-Year" Outstanding Private Enterprise. December 21, the company invested 269.7 million yuan holding a 55% stake in Anhui HUAERTAI Company Limited.
  • 2010年12月31日
    January 28, the annual output of 1,000 tons of ethyl maltol project officially put into operation. February 5, Chuzhou Jinyuan completion of the project an annual output of 10,000 tons of formic acid. February 18, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of sulfuric acid to supporting 30,000 tons of sulfur trioxide, 1.5 tons of sulfur dioxide completion of the project. March 22, Municipal Secretary Han Xiancong to company research. On March 28, the company held in 2009 in recognition of the General Assembly. April 30, China Nitrogen Fertilizer Association granted in the top 32 ranking of nitrogen fertilizer industry: 2009 corporate profits, the main business income ranking nitrogen fertilizer industry 40. On June 26, an annual output of 100 tons of MCP project was officially put into operation. June 28, Jinhe capital increase of the fourth general meeting of shareholders held a grand signing ceremony was held with nine new shareholder representatives. July 7, Jinhe Anhui Provincial People's Government awarded the "energy-saving advanced enterprises in Anhui Province. On August 3, the party secretary Han Xiancong line to research. On October 15, the Municipal Committee, mayor country to research. December 15, Anhui Province Administration of Work Safety identified as dangerous chemicals unit safety standardization two enterprise.
  • 2009年12月31日
    January 21, Trade and Industry Bureau in Anhui Province named the provincial "Trustworthy units. January 29, Jingda "brand acesulfame potassium in 2009 won the" Anhui Famous Brand "title. February 27, Jinhe Chuzhou Municipal People's Government for the first batch of "innovative pilot enterprises. March 9, Anhui Province Consumers Association recommended as the seventh "integrity unit". June 26, the company is identified as "high-tech enterprises. August 25, Jinhe named the "top 20 private enterprises in Anhui Province, Anhui Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Commission by letter, the Trade and Industry Bureau, Department of Commerce, the Inland Revenue Department. December 28, Ansay honey, flavor and fragrance products Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as high-tech products in Anhui Province.
  • 2008年12月31日
    On February 22, the company held the 2007 awards ceremony concluded. May 18, Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. 'union the Conference general election Congress to convene the second session of the representatives of the employees. June 30, Chuzhou Jinyuan neopentylglycol two built car. July 20, the annual production capacity of 8000 tons of melamine, 15,000 tons of pentaerythritol completion of the project car. December 31, Jingda trademark by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Anhui Province identified as Anhui Province.
  • 2007年12月31日
    In February, spice flavors expansion was completed, bringing the flavors of spices production capacity, market share ranks first in the country. In April, the assistant general manager Xia Jiaxin was awarded the title of Anhui labor model. May, and Chuzhou dongyuan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. reached an agreement by the company holding 51% incorporation of Chuzhou Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. ", the annual production capacity of 5000 tons neopentylglycol project. In September, the assistant general manager Taochang Wen was awarded the title of Chuzhou labor model. "Jingda" brand flavors and fragrances won the "Anhui Famous Brand" title. October 31, neopentylglycol project Chuzhou Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is the official car. December half tower "trademark by the Trade and Industry Bureau in Anhui Province identified as Anhui Province.
  • 1996年12月31日
    Absorbed by the Wandong Jinrui Chemical Co., Ltd. on December 25, the main promoters (holding 97.8 percent) made to merge Anhui Jinhe Chemical Co., Ltd. joint Lai'an Chang'an of concrete admixtures limited liability company and be far from the river medical Instrument Co., Ltd. initiated incorporated Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd..