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DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Zhu Fumin line to tours

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November 9, 2012, DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Zhu Fumin, deputy chairman Ding Yongliang rate and his party's Ho Juan, Guo-Ping Wu, Wu Lijie Deng Lai'an DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Wang Shi Cheng, vice chairman Xia De Yin,With Secretary-General Zhang Shao Kai, accompanied tours. Chairman Yang Yingchun, Lai'an CPPCC vice chairman, general manager of Dai Shilin Zhu Fumin his party leadership warm reception. Visited the production site such as ammonia, sulfuric acid, AK sugar, spices, listen Daishi Lin from the basic situation of enterprises, the completion of the 2011 indicators, the main objectives in 2012, the completion of the case, there are difficulties, response measures and other aspects introduction. Zhu Fumin President said the Jinhe Industrial Holdings HUAERTAI HUAERTAI future development concern and support will be given.