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  • The company is recognition for municipal federations of industry and commerce system outstanding private enterprise

    2013 January 19 in the afternoon, in chuzhou federations of industry and commerce of the fifth secondary commission...

  • Yang Yingchun elected 12th, Jiangsu Province people's representative

    In 2013 January 10 days afternoon closing of chuzhou five people's congress at the first meeting, the chairman of the company, secretary of the party committee YangYingChun high ticket was elected to the 12th National People's Congress in anhui province.

  • The company held a second extraordinary shareholders' meeting in 2012

    Jinhe Industry 2012 second extraordinary general meeting of the morning of December 9, 2012, held in the company, the main topic of the meeting the election Jinhe Industrial-third of the Board, the Board of Supervisors.

  • DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Zhu Fumin line to tours

    November 9, 2012, DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Zhu Fumin, deputy chairman Ding Yongliang rate and his party's Ho Juan, Guo-Ping Wu, Wu Lijie Deng Lai'an DongZhi CPPCC Chairman Wang Shi Cheng, vice chairman Xia De Yin,With Secretary-General Zhang Shao Kai, accompanied tours.

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